Generations of Summer

IMG_5815Even though this picture was only a few years ago, the memories are from a lifetime… well at least my lifetime so far.  My grandparents house on the water was a haven for summer.  The ride down from Smyrna to Savannah was always longer getting there than the ride home, even if it wasn’t really possible to be longer in reality.  My sister, two brothers and I took the, “Are we there yet??” to the extreme.  Knowing all that awaited us was more than we could bear.

Seeing my Granny in the den standing at the sliding glass door waving us in with her fiery red hair was all we needed to see to know that we had arrived.  We couldn’t get out of the van fast enough to get to the door and run right past Granny and make a b-line for the coat rack.  She always put a little something special for us in the trunk of the coat rack.  It could have been a single crayon for all we cared, it was more the anticipation of what in the world would be awaiting us this time!

Everything we did from the time we arrived until it was time to leave is ingrained in my head forever.  From shrimping, crabbing and fishing all day and then feasting on it in the evening…. to the heated gin rummy games with Granny at the little red table in the kitchen.

And then there was Grandpa.  He would sit in the den, with his BBQ Frito’s, gin and his football game.  The four of us would sit and try to learn the scoring and fouls and penalties… but mostly we just wanted one of those delicious smelling Frito’s that he kept well out of kid reach.  The rare occasion that he shared ONE with us, you’d think it was gold.  I’m not sure a Frito ever tasted as good as it did when my Grandpa would succumb to the stares and begging and give me one.

I now get the pleasure of sharing the same memories with my children in the same house.  Watching my mom and children play games at the little red table in the kitchen… just like Granny would have done.  My trying to convince the kids that the mud really does feel good when it squishes between your toes while you hunt for fiddler crabs in the marsh.  And following my dad’s rule and jumping off the dock and swimming for all your worth against the tide, back to the dock… just to prove you’re a strong swimmer and don’t need a life jacket anymore while out on the dock.

Life gives you only a few of these places in one lifetime.  A place for family, memories and even some learning.  The eastern great egret sitting on the rail heading to the dock symbolizes the peace and serenity in a place such as this.  To be so lucky to have this in my lifetime and then to be able to pass it to another generation… my own children’s generation… immeasurable.



  1. Very nice! So special having a time and place like this to remember.

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