Life Passions

pointeFor as long as she has been able to walk, my daughter was on her toes.  As her mother, I was concerned that she didn’t actually have an entire foot, but rather only toes to glide through life on.  As she grew, so did her desire to dance.  Coming home from ballet class and telling me that she suggested new combinations to her teacher for the spring concert.  And then proceeding to demonstrate the new combinations as I maneuvered around her in the kitchen to get dinner made.  All the while her keeping in time to the music… that’s only in her head.  And all in the same thought… she also tells me, “I’m going to dance on Broadway one day, just wait and see.”

Fast forward a few years and she has now started on pointe… truly dancing on her toes as she has dreamed of doing for so many years.  It’s certainly not for the faint of heart.  She came home from her first pointe class with two bleeding toes, ON EACH FOOT.  Not just a little blood, but bled all the way through her wool toe covers and then through her beautiful satin pink ballet slippers.  Tears and all, I asked her if she really wanted to do this, that she could stop if it wasn’t what she wanted to do.  She stopped sniffling for a moment, looked at me square in the eyes and said, “I want to do this, I won’t stop now.”

And from that point on, I don’t ask, she does it and does it well.  She has figured out all the ins and outs of toe protection, partially on her own by trial and error and partially from talking to the professionals at the dance studio.  She knows just how to wrap, protect and bandage her toes so that they have minimum damage.  I am amazed at the maturity level she has when taking care of her toes.

Watching her muscles grow more defined, her posture become more perfect and her heart grow larger with her passion for ballet and the arts is truly astounding.  If we all had such a passion for something in life, even just one thing, and then could retain that passion for a lifetime, how wonderful would all our lives be?  She may not stick with ballet for life, or ever dance on Broadway, but to have a passion for something like she does at the age of 12… I would venture to guess it’s a trait in her soul that won’t be easily broken, no matter what the passion is for… it will be for something and it will be relentless.

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