Little Things


I just returned from a fabulous trip to the mountains in Ellijay, GA with my children.  The first time I have ever rented a cabin like this for a vacation.

We have done the beach trip so many times, and that’s fun, don’t get me wrong!  But as a single mother of three… a trip to the beach can be exhausting.

Typical beach vacation day goes like this…. Wake up, at 6:45ish to take the puppy and senior dog for a walk, do some laundry (quietly as to not wake the kids yet), have my morning tea, welcome the first sleepy head with hugs and kisses, start the bacon cooking, welcome another sleepy head with hugs and kisses, start the biscuits and grits, welcome another sleepy head with hugs and kisses, start the eggs, serve breakfast, take the dogs for another quick walk, find 4 bathing suits and get them on, start smothering us in sun block, get the towels from the dryer, pack snacks, drinks, first aid kit, cameras, phones, chairs, figure out who will carry what to get to the beach, plop down, soak up the sun for 5 minutes, hear “I have to go to the bathroom”, leave everything on the beach and hope its there when we come back, drag three kids back to the house so one can go potty, get back to the beach, soak up another 5 minutes of sun, hear “I want lunch”, abandon ship again and go make lunch, plop back on the beach, 5 more minutes of sun time, hear “I’m tired and my bathing suit is full of sand”, pack it all up, head to the house for the night, sort out showers and bathing suit washing and take dogs for another walk, start cooking dinner, sort out the cranky kid problems, serve dinner, clean up the dishes, get jammies, tuck kids into bed and then collapse in a heap.  Repeat.

This vacation was a little different… keeping the fire going in the fireplace was the toughest thing I did.  We went on some wonderful hikes down to the lake and along the way Jacob picked me a flower.  I stopped to take a picture.  The love a mother has for her boys is so special… his grubby little fingers offering me such a beautiful, tiny, delicate, little flower.  Boys can be so over the top rowdy 99% of the time, but yet other times you see their hearts on their sleeve… and know how special they will be to someone one day.


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